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    July 14, 2014 at 12:10 am

    Man treated in hospital after being hit by ‘Feeling under the weather?’ NHS sign which was ripped off wall of chemist during storm

    A man was taken to hospital yesterday after being hit on the head by an NHS sign saying ‘Feeling under the weather?’ which was ripped off the wall during a storm. The middle-aged victim had just pointed out to a chemist that the hoarding was insecure when a gust of wind blew it away from the building and onto his head. He suffered a ‘nasty gash’ and had to be taken to hospital for treatment following the incident in Leicester.

    The solid wood sign, which advises people to see their GP if they are ‘feeling under the weather’, was attached to the outside of a pharmacist, the Leicester Mercury reported. The man had noticed that it was flapping about in winds which reached nearly 60mph, and went into the shop to inform the owner. Witnesses said that as the pair were standing outside the sign came loose and crashed down onto the man, narrowly missing the shopkeeper.

    ‘As the two of them were standing there it came down and hit him – it missed her by inches,’ a bystander said ‘She was very shaken afterwards and very lucky, too.’

    Other passers-by said the sign made such a loud noise they thought it might have been a car crash. The victim was taken to the Leicester Royal Infirmary. His current condition is not known.