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  • James Parry

    May 24, 2014 at 9:33 pm

    Hi Phil,

    Here’s another message from someone who found your book useful. Wanted to say thanks for all of the advice written in the book, and I’m impressed with the service Lulu offer! Speedy delivery!

    I too am also in the industry and as the chap above said in his post, there has always been a reason not to start my own business. I believe the time is around the corner as your book has answered a couple of questions I had and also gave me a few bits of knowledge I hadn’t considered before which is great. I’m sorting out possible premises at the moment, and will be following your guide on building a workbench as it is simple but effective. I’m young and have a bright future ahead of me in the industry, many thanks for taking the time out of your schedule and putting some of your advice into writing!