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  • Warren Beard

    October 15, 2013 at 1:44 pm

    Thanks Guys, we need the print & cut as we use it a lot and upgrading our cutter as well as printer may be one step of a stretch too far for me right now, also space (believe it or now after expanding our unit 50% is already running short)

    White will be a great addition as we do a fair amount of window and clear acrylic work and always have to work around jobs where spot white is required so will be very useful. The speed is only slightly better but any amount faster right now is fine as we are still up and down with running out of time on the printer so is the right time now for an upgrade and then possibly another in 2-3 years again.

    We’ll also benefit form the slightly greater width so a lot of great additions for us from the one printer, suits us for now and how we’re growing so will let you all know how we get on in the weeks to come, viewing the machine on Friday so will have a final decision then on if it’s actually the right printer and ink config we’ll actually go for.

    cheers for the feedback so far