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  • Chris Wool

    October 14, 2013 at 5:59 pm
    quote Warren Beard:

    Anybody got one of these? I’m thinking of upgrading and think this is a good bet by the look of it, also thinking of getting it with white but would like any feedback on the printer from any users out there. I currently have an SP540i but speed is becoming an issue.



    warren i have a 8 colour vs and in that mode don’t think its any quicker than the sp but quality will be higher in the solid colours . so to go faster think you will want 2x cmyk which will stop you having white.
    as we have a pro 2 as well speed was not so important to us.
    the new inks are ment to be able to print faster and have noticed that rolands quoted print speeds may not suit your quality level so add some time. looks like a class machine though

    thing about my vs is that the head runs very close to the media so any copling is a problem if run at high head height then quality suffers slightly.