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  • Graham Jones2

    June 5, 2013 at 8:48 am


    If you get a product from MDP Supplies that has arrived damaged please call us and we will replace it immediately.

    Does this damage relate to an order from December 2012 as this is only only magnetic order I can see from you?

    Graham Jones
    MDP Supplies
    Call: 0151 334 2300

    quote Kevin Busby:


    Can anyone recommend a good place for buying the 610mm .85 mm or greater magnetic sheeting for making vehicle signs.

    Ive always bought mine from MDP as their price is very reasonable but as with everything from MDP these days it looks like they rolled it out on the workshop floor to play football on before cutting and packing.

    I can find other suppliers but not around a similar price, hexis do the right type for me but their £3+ a meter more and im going through a fair bit so want to try and keep costs reasonable.

    Thanks very much