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  • Denise Goodfellow

    May 21, 2013 at 7:10 pm

    well last week, the third person who brought in old diabond for us to use, then calling in to say can he add window tinting as that was another service he was doing…. so we had text under the name… tyres new and part worn, servicing, exhausts, batteries, window tinting. after asking me to add this other text, he then said can we find ictures for all those things and replace the text with the pictures/photos. Can we also add a photo of a car, any car doesn`t matter, but must look good…. The suggested size of the car was 1m square… I mentioned that the cost would go up and he was alittle rude to me, suggesting that I consult with my husband first!

    My husband wasn`t in when this happened, when he returned, he and the young lad, loaded up the van with all his crap and dropped them off saying he couldn`t work for him, gave him his depostit back and left him standing there looking all confussed…..

    we have now talked about what kind of customer we want, and sworn to send all the sh1tty customers down the road to £50 a van, have as many fonts as you like with as many colours as you like man! (:)