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  • Tomi Orel

    September 14, 2012 at 7:35 am
    quote Alan Drury:

    Another question – how does this head compare with the Mimaki JV33 or the small Rolaland Studio. Reason I ask is that I have had jobs from suppliers who use either machines and the print quality is absolutely superb. I understand various machines share the same heads
    Alan D

    It is the same printhead.

    I just got the new RE model and it prints perfect, way better than the old technology that still uses DX4 printheads. Even at the fastest speed there is no banding. I just printed two retractable banners which had lot of solid colors and there was not even one dropout, banding or color shift. Very solid piece of machinery.

    Note: The only downside of this printer is if you print at the fastest speed you gonna need an external dryer if you want to use the take up reel.