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  • Robert Lambie

    August 29, 2012 at 10:00 am

    Our two Roland machines have the older Epson heads, so im a bit out of touch on the newer Roland printers and i am by no means any sort of expert when it comes to printing. but the new print heads sound like they have variable droplets and that being the case, you get much better quality and faster print output as stated above, but if i am right, does having variable sized droplets not also help reduce the ink usage? I only mentioned this because our UV Flatbed had the variable droplets and this was something pushed to us as a selling point. i.e. helps reduce ink usage. (I am saying this now and probably have some printer sales folk reading this and thinking "sucker" :lol1:) but thought i would mention it anyway because combined with superior quality, faster printing, elimination of banding and less ink usage, that’s a significant upgrade if this is not available on the likes of David-H’s machine.

    also the speeds quoted are on par with our older Soljet 2, but offering better quality output. but on a machine that’s Newer, wider and nearly half the price.

    anyway, as i say, i am out of touch on what’s already on the likes of David’H’s machine but thought the parts ive mentioned above makes it a very interesting printer option.

    apologies in advance if i have missed the obvious. 😀