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  • Cameron Steer

    August 9, 2011 at 8:07 am

    Hi Denise,

    yes it can be used as a work bench , we will be stocking the Cutting mat so when worn can be replaced easily and cheaply.

    The working areas are RA255Pro 1550 x 2000

    RA355Pro 1550 x 3050 and RA455Pro 4050 x 1650

    Because of the extending arms which are a standard feature and also have a media holder on them even the small one can be extended to 3500mm and therefore can flood coat an 8 x 4, an as optional extra you can have extending arms both ends, we have the RA455Pro in Manchester if you want a demo.

    price is dependant on the options you choose but the £54 a week for the RA255pro includes delivery,training heavy duty wheels, operating handles both sides, low noise compressor, cutting mat, extending arms with media holder for bigger sheets or flexible media and of course the additional arm behind the roller for vinyl or app tape which you would use for flood coating.

    Hope that helps.