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  • David Rowland

    July 6, 2011 at 9:47 am

    Well, I also saw the VS, the reason why I went out to see printers is to get an insight what the quality is like however the VS printing on Normal vinyl speed is sadly not right. They were using MD5-100 and this is considered to be one of the best vinyl out there by many printer manufacturers and it was mottling badly as if it was not drying quickly enough and over-inking, we changed profile and it did it again, they couldn’t get it right but seeing other samples it appears that quality mode was working well.

    We spent ages waiting for it to finish printing a 1.6mtr by 1mtr print, it doesn’t seem to use traditional Passes but this intelligent interweave technology and it is the equivalent of something like 16-pass 720×720 resolution on a JV3.

    We also questioned their speeds of print, will dig out our notes but they didn’t add up to advertised info.

    The only saving grace is the dual CMYK machine is faster, but wasn’t available as they just sold it!

    The little printer, maybe tempting for a one man band sign maker, maybe an overnight print or something like stickers for model making. but nahh… moves like it is running on ballscrew type setup instead in a CNC, high revs with little head movement