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  • Gert du Preez

    July 6, 2011 at 7:40 am

    Well, I dont think 2 odd square metres per hour is bad output for a small shop. Until fairly recently, the older SP300 / 540 were almost the standard sign shop printer. Been a few years since I worked on a SP300, but that was about 2.5 sqm/hr? My SP 540 prints at 3 sqm/hr, and still pumps away merrily next to the RS 640…..

    I did not consider the SP slow – that mindset only came after the (3x faster) RS was installed. But the SP still outputs around 15 – 25 square metres per day, depending on how much is print only, and how much is print and cut.

    I must say that my SP does not have a take up roller. That can almost double the output – an option you do not have on the desktop jobbie.

    Even at 2 sqm/hr you can realistically output 10 sqm/day. Most small shops have a digital requirement of waaay less than that.

    I take a peep at the Sign Africa website regularly. In the classifieds you find numerous 2 and 3 year old SP’s, VS’s etc. with only 300 – 600 hours on them. Many of those shops would have been better served by a smaller, slower, cheaper machine.

    If only it was 24 inch wide…. 🙄

    Edit: Our printer operator just brought his jobcards for yesterday down. He printed 33 square metres on the SP……Slow machines can still produce!!