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  • Robert Lambie

    July 5, 2011 at 10:51 pm

    Thanks for the feedback, and I know what you mean Dave…
    I also agree with allot of what Rodney Gold has said…
    but i cannot help but still think this machine will be snapped up by the small sign shops, print shops and folk dipping their toe into digital printing, with the prospect of upgrading 6-12 months down the line to versacamm or the like.

    the machine as you see it, packs allot in one desktop printer. metalic inks, contour cutting, vinyl cutting, t-shirt printing and more… it IS and will be seen for what it is capable of and that for a small sign shop, one man band, is everything!
    I have never saw it running nor actually focused on the print speed until folk replied here. but still… the old pc600 served many sign businesses way back in the day, much stiffer opposition now granted, everyone wants everything yesterday. but for the guy doing a few vans a week to now be able to print full colour graphics in house and contour cut, its a big plus.

    i think "we" as experienced sign makers are looking at the machine more with our own eyes / knowledge than the would be buyer. hell you only have to see how many chinese cutters are sold on ebay to know folk think more from their wallet than their brain. the set-backs like slow printing speed and the like are quickly shoved to the back of the issues list, when the thoughts of "what it can do" are considered. and who could blame them really.

    Don’t get me wrong here. if i was asked what someone should buy to get into the vinyl printing game ide say buy the versacamm with the prospect to upgrade. but i cant help but think these smaller machines are going to start appearing all over the place.