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  • Robert Lambie

    June 26, 2011 at 10:18 am

    Our Rasterprinter UV flatbed machine ran white ink and we had no end of bother with it.
    the machine comes with the white ink as an optional extra. even though i had no specific work in mind for it, i wanted the white ink purely so the machine was not limited in any way. the trouble, the white ink must be kept moving. i am not talking this being part of the daily or weekly maintenance, the actual machine pumped it thru itself as a result. so where did it go? it was dumped!
    It was dumped even if NOT in use. so we’re still buying white ink along with the others, even though you might never have run a job where white was required.
    from memory, we would have to purge the white ink often after maintenance cleans didnt work in getting it going again. air in the vlaves or for whatever reason… and it resulted in more white ink being dumped.

    the problem probably resulted in the fact the white ink wasn’t being used, or used enough… as long as the machine was in constant production of all colours, you never experienced the problem, because of course, the ink was kept moving while printing, if printing, its making you money.

    my point is that the issue with white inks is a real one. I am far from any sort of expert on all this, but my understanding is the white has to be a denser more potent ink than the others to achieve a true white. so this is why white appears to have more issues than any other for.

    now all that said, I am "not" talking about a Roland machine with white Ink.
    Maybe Roland have a much better system to handle white ink, i don’t know. but thought i would mention it…