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  • Rodney Gold

    June 22, 2011 at 9:14 am

    The edge and other thermal printers died because the cost of printing is about 5-10x inkjet.
    This machine is not really a general signmakers tool , it is expensive for what it is , its main attraction is the metallic ink.

    I would buy one in addition to my 540 as it means I can offer more products for my badge and doming line. To whit , metallics in ANY colour and more importantly , the ability to offer metallic/pearlescent and metallic texturised printing on dark substrates. I wouldnt worry about the width issue as my suppliers and most others will slit to size.(for a price)
    Its also not an issue to make a simple slitting machine.

    The other plus for me is the ability to print on 1mm thick media , even if I cant cut some of that thickness on the machine , I can do so on my lasers.

    This machine IS no where near a production machine , I have
    seen one in operation and its slowwwww…. especially when doing metallics!!!!

    I doubt anyone will undercut pricing any more than folk are doing now , the inks are all the same price , the media will proabably be more and its only the capital amount that differs from the big machines. Best it can do is an A2 anyway….and will take a looong time to do so in anything other than draft mode