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  • Gert du Preez

    June 13, 2011 at 3:14 pm
    quote Gavin MacMillan:

    Now now Gert, I’m pretty sure that sign does not conform with RioTinto’s epic brand guidlines – not enough R’s space at the top 😀

    LOL, a 137 page document on "how to" and "how not to" !!

    BTW, "1R" space to the top and sides of the red strip :lol1:

    Strictly speaking it is not to specs. The "Rossing Uranium Limited" part on the sign is NOT according to the brand guidelines. But the MD insisted, so an "executive decision was made, and there it is!

    Namibia is likely going to be the next "Middle East" w.r.t. energy supply. We have HUGE uranium reserves. We have single deposits that contains more uranium than the entire USA deposits, and single mines that output more than the USA’s total production. The current growth here means in a few years time we will produce 25% of the world’s uranium – all from mines in the Namib desert around Swakopmund. All the mines and their subcontractors get all their signage from me, either directly or via a middleman….