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  • Glenn Sharp

    June 11, 2011 at 1:02 pm

    As I say though Peter……this thread is all about accelerating curing times.

    Just to repeat my point about the print line that we use……..we run it at 55 degree heat and the boards travel about 8ft in distance and come off dry (no re-wetting when the boards are stacked together……..If I ran the line with temperature set to zero which would still have the same air circulation than with the heat on the boards would be wet. It would be a lot cheaper to run if we could run them cold

    I’m not saying that they are fully cured but in my simple mind the curing process has definitely been accelerated by the introduction of heat

    Same thing with our Grenadier…..we have the heaters on so we can use the take up roll……No heaters = sticky prints and problems on the take up roll….heaters on = no problems on the take up roll

    I’m no chemist but I would also imagine that most people are drying their prints at room temperature which I would have thought would cure quicker than someone drying their prints in an outside shed with no controlled heating

    I might have got this totally wrong but I just can’t see how heat doesn’t play a part in accelerating curing times