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  • Peter Munday

    June 11, 2011 at 12:47 pm

    My background was 26 years as a screen printer and I can tell you that drying with heat only hardens the surface, it does not fully cure the print as the solvents are still trapped under the cured skin. This does make it dry to the touch but it’s not cured. All of the tunnel dryers use more airflow than heat as this disperses the solvents quicker.
    As for solvent digital printers….well I only have 8 years experience and have very rarely had to laminate before the drying time is up, so I just leave them as exposed to the air as much as possible and then laminate. I am led to believe that laminating before they are properly dry could lead to de-lamination as the solvents attack the laminate adhesive, but have never seen this yet.
    The idea of printing and then laminating straight away goes against all that I have been taught, so I hope there are no serious comeback’s for this guy.