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  • Glenn Sharp

    June 11, 2011 at 11:21 am

    My two penneth worth supports the theory that heat definitely aids the curing process

    I have over 25 years experience in the screen printing industry and most of those years were spent printing double sided estate agents boards. Back in the day we would be doing runs of 50 – 100 boards and the only way they would dry in time in order to print the other side was by using heat. Our setup was basically vertical racks where the boards would be slid in flat and rested on nails either side, an extractor fan at ground level to take away the fumes and a space heater in front to heat and blow air at the boards

    In simple terms…Fan on and no heat = Boards don’t dry quickly enough in order to turn over and print other side……Fan and heat = Boards dry in about 5 minutes

    We now have a three quarter automatic line. The drying unit uses hot air which allows us to print around 400 prints an hour. Try doing 400 prints an hour with no heat on the unit and you’d be left with a complete mess in the collection tray

    Although we have had our Grenadier for about 10 years now we have never needed to laminate for the applications we use it for so I can not offer any advice or theories as to how long to leave it before lamination. I do think however that supporting Peter’s theory….If you were to leave the lid off your solvent inks, I doubt very much that you would have the same amount of ink in the bottle after a week or so

    My own theory is that the way Rob hangs his prints is the most effective way to allow the solvent to evaporate.