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  • Jason Davies

    June 11, 2011 at 9:31 am

    I would have thought that if it was wider then it would impact on the sales of their VP/SP300’s which are significantly more expensive.

    To stock roll widths of white vinyl at 500mm is not a problem, lets be fair it won’t break the bank. The major concern is that they have now opened up the market to almost everyone who thinks they are a signwriter/maker/designer.

    I think this is very short sighted as third party inks will be installed so they will not see the revenue there, vinyl can be bought anywhere and in all honesty it’s a pretty disposable piece of kit so why bother with maintenance contracts.

    Easy to use so unlike the P60 and Edge you don’t really need to think about the way you design and print and cut.

    I’d buy one as fourth desktop machine to churn out labels all day long but so will everyone else.

    Yet even more competition in our market. 🙁