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  • Peter Normington

    June 11, 2011 at 6:28 am
    quote Robert Lambie:

    quote Peter Normington:

    in theory it will not work.
    air flow is more important than heat to finish the drying process
    solvents need to evaporate,

    Solvent does not evaporate Peter, it more or less disperses/falls as it is heavier than Air.

    I agree with all you are saying, except your above quote.
    solvent DOES evaporate.That’s the process of drying, the gasses that fall to the floor have evaporated from the ink, fact.
    the gas left then needs to be shifted like you say, by being able to move unrestricted, thats when the airflow comes into it. it helps evaporation, and removes the residue.
    and I did not need to google to know that.:wink:
    I did NOT advise laminating after a short time, just that I did it once and had no ill effects, I always leave my prints a minimum of 24 hours before laminating. more for 3m ij 380, when 48hours is the recommended minimum. The Print and laminate is not the only thing to consider when drying, the adhesive is just as important, this needs time to out gass and recover also.
    Last week I did not recieve artwork till the day before a customer wanted his prints for an exhibition, I explained the possible consequences of laminating too soon and he agreed to take the risk.

    Hope that clears up any Friday night statements

    😀 😉