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  • David Rowland

    June 10, 2011 at 10:29 pm

    thinking about it, it was the 1-2 offs that we would use a hairdryer, never cured quick enough. But shelf drying was the way we did it with a door open, movement of air really as heat can effect the sheets a little.

    from sericol data sheet
    Polyplast PY: Jet drying: 55-65°C 15-20 secs. Air: 8-15 mins.

    So, heated is 20secs and cold is 8-15mins… we always used a small hair dryer quite a lot, i suppose it was to dry the screens, long time ago when i was 17.

    Textile, yeah flash curing, burns all that water out or whatever it was.

    PY, i really cant remember whats in it, but google pointing more toward water but its not clear enough