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  • David Rowland

    June 10, 2011 at 10:02 pm

    um.. nik…. as i was driving home i thought i switch on and post this:-

    both me and u have worked in silk screen, we got our Polyplast ink (which i think is water based, cant remember) it is mixed with retarders to slow down the drying process as we need it runny for the screen…..

    We print thru onto vinyl and we want to get on with printing the next colour, how many times did we used to just "give it a blast" with a hair-dryer to cure it quickly… we shouldn’t really but we do.

    Air movement yes…. but heat accelerates it or why an earth do we have a "print heater" in solvent (30-50degrees) and latex printers (100degrees)

    The exception is UV ink which is different all together curing process.

    And for the first time for a long while, I am agreeing with Peter 😀