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  • Peter Normington

    June 10, 2011 at 9:47 pm
    quote Nicola McIntosh:

    right ok heres a job just printed, its on the racks and getting placed in front of gas blower (industrial heater) its on the hot setting…..oh! it does not dry..takes ages (client is waiting) same job going to dry with cool air from (industrial heater) guess what one dries quickest?

    you are right, evaporation is based on transfer of molecules from the liquid to its gaseous form, this is best demonstrated with wind and the sea, in very hot climates around the equator, very little evaporation takes place, hence clear blue skies, most evaporation(cloud formation) takes place in colder places, these are my words, not googled, thats what I said earlier, pay attention please.