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  • Robert Lambie

    June 10, 2011 at 9:32 pm
    quote Ian Johnston:

    quote Robert Lambie:

    quote Peter Normington:

    many folk on here talk about loossening the roll of printed media and sitting it on end. works to an extent, but as the solvent falls it is trapped in the lower end of the media thats coiled. it really should be elevated.


    not if you use a plastic roll end like the ones from metamark that have holes in them, allowing the solvent to escape!!

    yeh that’s what i was saying mate, if its "elevated"…
    however, the coil also acts like four walls, which is fine also as it drops out the bottom, but with a coiled roll, the walls distances greatly vary and in many cases "touch" "pocketing air for longer periods than other walled areas… so the same coiled sheet of printed media will take longer to disperse the solvent than that of one hung with no surrounding walls at all, so to speak.