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  • David Rowland

    June 10, 2011 at 9:16 pm

    ummm.. almost agree rob but solvent smell is heavier than air and does drop, this is why sometimes it’s better to install a low-down fan for removal of smells… however a significant amount of solvent is evaporated into the air when it goes over the print heater, the solvent fluid (without getting too technical) is added to the pigments to be able to squirt it thru the printer, to make it wet. That why ur printer stinks at times, it because the solvent is in the air, boiled away.

    Same goes for water-based inks, water is removed and that why u dont smell them, as water doesn’t smell.

    So rule of thumb is ur nose, stick ur head onto the sheet and get high as kite, by the time u wake up after being knocked senseless with the smell, u be ready to laminate it. Touch sometimes gives u some indication but it should cure within 5 minutes to touch or sooner.

    We never unroll the media to let it dry… I think colorific / mimaki ink is fast drying and is touch dry before it reaches 4-5 inches out of the printer, so it can be rolled.

    Tempreture and humidity will play a big part in printing, if its too wet in there (low humidity and cold) u run into drying problems, if it is baking in there than u be ready to laminate in no time.

    Air movement helps a lot, really does, the only thing about using a rope and folding it over it, is a big fold in the middle of it but u have to decide if that will happen.

    Another rule is dont print on the cheapest vinyl u can find, experiement with samples and get comfortable.