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  • Robert Lambie

    June 10, 2011 at 8:49 pm
    quote Peter Normington:

    in theory it will not work.
    air flow is more important than heat to finish the drying process
    solvents need to evaporate,

    Solvent does not evaporate Peter, it more or less disperses/falls as it is heavier than Air.

    The best way to aid in ridding your vinyls of Solvent is to hang it by its shortest side. i.e. 10ft x 4ft print.

    Hang it landscape making it 10ft wide by 4ft deep.
    better still…
    drape over a rope, or anything and it will be 10ft wide by 2ft deep.

    there for the solvent only has 2ft to fall.

    when a print has been done and its left sat face up on a table.
    the the solvent sits on the surface, moving down into the media turning it to a chewing gum like state.
    it then hits the adhesive and into the paper.
    you will notice this when removing prints from the backing paper because the carrying paper has sorta been stained a yellow…

    i know of folk fanning it dry, yes this will work too an extent, but it is kind fight gravity.

    many folk on here talk about loossening the roll of printed media and sitting it on end. works to an extent, but as the solvent falls it is trapped in the lower end of the media thats coiled. it really should be elevated.

    a good way to know the solvent is leaving the prints is to smell it.
    nope, i dont mean holding one nostral and running your nose along the length of it in a rolled-up £20 note! :lol1:
    as the print is sat on end or hung. as the solvent drops after some hours, the top should be less potent than the lower section.