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  • Gert du Preez

    June 10, 2011 at 2:14 pm

    LOL, I also had one of those PC60 jobbies waaay back. That thing almost put me off from buying another Roland! Broken ribbons, huge operating cost…..

    This new printer would probably find its way into my shop. I just love new toys!

    I have both an SP540 and RS 640, but they are very busy. Sometimes jobs can take a day to get onto a machine. Print and cut can sometimes be backlogged for 2 days. Normally not a problem, bit this little bugger will be great for doing those small jobs ( 1 set door stickers etc) Also, when colour matching is done while the machines are running is a big problem for us. This printer can do that as well. And I can add metallic – namebadges, bike stickers etc… I also do a lot of "back to original" graphics for panelbeaters. This will be great for that as well…..

    All in all, a very useful machine as an add-on, or for somebody like Hough. Pity its not 24inch……