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  • Hugh Potter

    June 9, 2011 at 12:09 pm
    quote Shane Drew:

    they were released here on Wednesday. I think they are about $US7000.00

    They are just a modern take on the PC60/50

    Great little unit, I can see earning a quid for the dedicated sign shop just got harder though. A lot of entry level users about to undercut prices me thinks….

    I can see it being perfect for me in a number of ways, not just financially but, I can see the issue with the back room ebay generation undercutting everyone, but they’re doing that anyways I guess.

    for me it’s more about being able to offer small runs that I wouldn’t bother putting to a subby due to either small qty or time issue -even though my printer is super fast. it just allows me to do a bit more in house than before and, to also expand on things I already do but, with considerably less messing about.

    the main thing though, with a little re-organisation ( a long overdue clear-out,) it’ll fit in my little workshop.

    I am curious though, does it use regular size carts or, inflated price ‘small’ carts specially for that machine, thus limiting what’s available for it.