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  • Peter Dee

    January 12, 2011 at 10:07 am

    Johnny, make the rails about 50mm shorter than the inside of the tray but then check where you put the end screws through the tray so they don’t miss the fixing.
    fit the top rail first with plenty of screws as this is the one which takes all the weight.
    Measure the inside height of the tray and fix the bottom rail 2mm less than that parallel to the top rail.
    Check all along the tray for deviation and likewise once the bottom rail is fitted.
    If you need to adjust the distance, do it on the bottom rail by opening up the holes and using washers.
    Pre-drill the top holes in the tray; you only need 4 as they are not taking any weight.
    Test fit the tray which should end up as "snug" on the rails.
    Don’t let go of it as 100m deep with only say 40mm rails it could drop off!
    Drill through the top holes (I prefer to fit coloured rivets) and fix.
    Drill up through the bottom and fix (only 2 fixings needed if solid ally, 4 for composite).
    Don’t use rivets on the bottom as they will squeeze up the tray to meet the rail.
    This will be very noticeable if you allowed more than a few mm on the rail spacing.