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  • Martin Oxenham

    January 9, 2011 at 5:35 pm

    Panatrim was designed years ago when there was only perspex used for fascia signs. And the idea was to use a hanging panel so that it can expand without bowing or warping so the panel has to be smaller than the frame and hang freely. Also the idea was to be able to load the panels from the front just like a sideboard door…push the panel up to the top at an angle then push the bottom back in and it drops down onto the hanging strip. The first panel is then pushed to the end and the next panel fitted then slid back into the centre.
    If three panels are used then the end panels are pushed to the left and right with the centre panel fitted last then the end ones are slid back closing the joints. This is why the panel sizes are critical.
    If you use a material that does not expand in the sun then you don’t need a hanging strip, but you won’t be able to load them from the front. This is fine until the frame is fitted in a recess and you can’t take the end off.
    I used to work for the man who origanally invented the ideal but he never patened it.