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  • David Rogers

    January 5, 2011 at 11:08 pm

    Really boils down to:

    Will you use a copyrighted image within a design?

    From the sounds of it – you are being supplied an image which you will then MANUFACTURE into a wrap.

    This is much the same as somebody walking in with a Disney picture on USB and getting you to print 10,000 stickers for them to sell at a car-boot sale. Something about 10 foot bargepoles springs to mind!

    Copyright law is fairly specific. It is the ACT of copying, transmitting or replicating an image that is the illegal part – selling it or buying it is secondary.

    Saying that – it is nearly always the one requesting the use of copyrighted images (van owner) that they go after, most signmakers caught up in the mess pleading ignorance or "thought he had permission".