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  • Peter Normington

    January 5, 2011 at 8:55 pm
    quote Jason Davies:

    In terms of Rolls Royce, isn’t there a clause in the terms of the sale that express permission has to be sought from Rolls Royce if you want to change the ‘look’ of the car and this is passed from owner to owner for the lifetime of the car.

    Jason, I used to deliver Rolls Royce cars all over europe, and this is one of the Urban myths that have sprung up over the years. I used to have an official RR poster, that listed the myths and truths, dont know what happened to it though, will have to look in the loft.
    yes they guard there logo (or used to) very keenly.
    I also feel strongly about copyright theft, but we seam to have digressed from the original question, that mo asked.