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  • Andrew Martin

    January 5, 2011 at 1:31 pm
    quote Mo Gillis-Coates:

    Hi Guys, I know I can’t advertise anything for sale that I don’t have a licence for the copyright for, I have been asked by a customer to wrap a trade vehicle using a comic book hero image which he is supplying (obviously he doesn’t have a licence from Marvel to use it)

    He wants to put it on his van along with his prone number etc, but he’s not selling anything to do with marvel comics..

    Can anyone advise whether this is legal or not?


    I very much doubt if you could be held liable for doing this job especially as the customer is supplying the artwork, its not your responsibility but the customers for checking copyright, nor can you be held responsible what he does with the finished vehicle.
    Just make sure your invoice states artwork supplied by customer.