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  • Bob Clarkson

    January 5, 2011 at 11:49 am

    A friend of mine had a brand new Subaru WRX fully airbrushed in the Matrix vein, personally I think it was very cleverly done, but it defies belief anyone would actually have all that done in paint. Anyway, nothings ever been said.

    I don’t truthfully know, but how Peter has put it across makes perfect sense, I can’t imagine a decorator getting prosecuted for hanging knock off Disney wallpaper and I guess it’s the same thing.

    There’s Clifford, Kenwood, No Fear etc stickers made by the million and that doesn’t seem to cause problems (unless anyone knows different)

    The only job I’ve ever done that caused a stir was a Rolls Royce grill with RR on it at a prestige car sales. Rolls Royce were sending letters and threatening action within a few weeks.