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  • Alan Drury

    December 30, 2010 at 4:53 pm

    Think I’ll chime in here, it is worth taking into account your competitors. If they are VAT registered you’re no worse off, the smaller business will pay VAT regardless if they go to you or not – you just have to be better for the competitive edge. I’ve been VAT registered since 1988 and I do lots of work for small firms and one man bands and not one has ever complained about me being registered. I’ve found the majority are so used to paying VAT on everything else they buy why should signs or van lettering be any different. To them, lettering tends not to be an everyday purchase and they swallow it the same as diesel and everything else they buy to run their business. I suspect this thread is alot of conjecture over something that will not be a major issue to most.
    I’ve just had the new prices for garments and they have shot up far more than VAT will. I bet we still sell them though.
    Alan D