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  • Bob Clarkson

    December 30, 2010 at 4:41 pm

    I agree that if you’re mainly just doing vinyl, there’s little point in being vat registered, and if a lot of your customer base is not registered it would actually be detrimental.

    I de-registered on the sign front some years ago, I only really needed to be registered when I used to do a lot of council work, you really needed to be registered to get that. I also used to do a lot of acrylic signs, which easily whack the turnover up too high.

    If I went into an area where my production wasn’t such a high profit ratio, or I figured I’d by a 20k van I’d probably re-consider.

    There is, and will be a lot of new companies springing up, bit of building, property maintenance etc, they won’t be registered. There will also be lots of trades de-registering so they will be more competitive to the general public. It’s easier for no-registered companies to clear them up.

    I think that unless you’re turning over in excess of 70k where you have no choice, or you have a fairly set client base of vat registered customers, your probably best off out of it. It’ll give you a better edge if you’re a small business.