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  • James Martin

    December 30, 2010 at 1:40 am
    quote Peter Normington:

    quote Hugh Potter:

    A new customer told me off for saying ‘including vat’ rather than ‘no vat’ recently but, still went ahead with the order! Hugh

    Hugh, I hope you have not stated that in writing on your invoice or quotes.
    if you have it is actually fraudulent, because your customers would expect to claim the vat back, if they try to, you could be in trouble mate.


    Drat! I must have did the same thing as Hugh a hundred times!

    Anyway, to add my obviously under informed opinion I dont think it will affect me as most stuff I do is vinyl only so vat is minimal.

    On a related point however: Do you think that someone non VAT like myself could benefit from advertising his non VAT registered status?

    Would advertsing that attract or repel customers regardless of the VAT increase?
    Would it attract or repel less or more customers with the VAT increase?