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  • Nigel Hindley

    December 29, 2010 at 11:38 pm
    quote Martin:

    Nigel, yes your probably right so a VAT registered business may well be better off dealing with a VAT registered signmaker especially for high cost items but a lot of start up businesses aren’t VAT registered so can’t claim it back, especially tradesmen like Builders and decorators who don’t have premises and just have a van.

    my point also is though, Martin, vat is still being paid on the transaction regardless, even if both parties are NOT vat registered so why not just register. So you (for instance) are paying vat or passing the cost onto the customer for most of your overheads and material costs.

    A point for any business considering vat registration is to bear in mind that you can claim vat back on the last three years purchases (fixed assets only)

    I can personally see little advantage in the sign industry of not being registered even if voluntarily.