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  • Bob Clarkson

    December 29, 2010 at 1:14 pm

    The out for themselves culture has increased, and it really is a shame.

    So to prove what I was meaning I’ll give an example. If you done a sign, with no deposit, and let a sign out to a complete stranger, then said drop the money in when you feel like it, you’ve potentially given it away! Who would actually take the risk of doing it? Now put the shoe on the other foot, if any of you were in your customers "now" position, how many of you would openly admit you’d take advantage and never pay?

    This is why I stick to the essence of my slightly damming statement. How many people do we believe are as honest and decent as we believe ourselves to be?

    I know that only loosely fits in with the whole deposit scenario, but I do find logic and response very interesting.