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  • John Singh

    December 23, 2010 at 2:14 pm

    Pros and Cons

    At the show they had a DeWalt saw attached
    I bought a Bosch saw and found there was some adjustments to the holes that needed to be done when mounting the saw. This was nothing major and very simple to do since it was only Dibond I had to drill through and if I made a mess of it, it would be simple enough to get another piece of Dibond and make another

    To operate properly you need to attach the hose from a vacuum cleaner and plug in the vacuum cleaner as well to provide suction. The hose should be quite long to enable a full downward stroke. A short hose may restrain the downward stroke

    If you do have the space it is better to leave fully open for quick use
    It is quite sturdy and stable when fully opened

    Actual operation:

    Actual cutting of large 8 x 4’s horizontally is where the true test comes
    It does cut very well but you may have to pull board slightly towards you just to ease over dome head coach bolts.

    On the whole its not a bad bit of kit
    With a triple chip blade , which I recommend you buy from Zapkut, it cuts Foamex and Di-bond nice and clean.
    MDF and ply are a breeze to cut

    It is much safer than trying to cut 8 x 4’s the old way whatever the material

    What modifications would I make to it

    Some kind of strip like Velcro off the roll but slightly thicker to be applied to the bottom rail which would allow material to slide over coach bolt heads

    Coach bolt heads could be ground down a little

    It is great that you can fold it away and it takes very little space up which is quite remarkable when you think it can handle 8 x 4 sheets