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  • Stuart Miller

    December 14, 2010 at 9:54 am
    quote Brian Carey:

    Harry, Can you tell me how to join the corriboard? what do you use as a hindge and to stop it opening too far?

    We cut the correx so the base was made from the two folded ends, the base was therefore double thickness and the two were held together by velcro strips glued onto each side.
    Hinge is made by only cutting through half the corriboard leaving one face intact. The face of the corriboard is tough enough to be its own hinge for a while.

    Yep Sandbags or rocks neccessary.
    Where I live a large rock is quite easy to find.

    All depends on cost and what the customer wants to pay. I think mine cost about £45 printed and all made up.