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Activity Feed Forums Sign Discussion Vinyl New shape MINI bonnet stripes advice needed. Reply To: New shape MINI bonnet stripes advice needed.

  • David Rogers

    July 6, 2010 at 10:21 am

    To be honest – mini stripes are a doddle to do. Just stick to rectangles.

    Price is whatever you think you can get away with and largely depends on the style they go for.

    Worst ones are really wide right down the mid-line, easiest are thin stripes…anywhere.

    I can literally be anywhere from £60 and using 10″ of vinyl for a 15minute job (bonnet only) upwards…easier than doing a sunstrip if they are about 10″ wide. Might take several hours if a full bodykit, roof & aerial, boot & spoilers to contend with if going full front to rear.