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  • Peter Mindham

    May 15, 2010 at 5:08 am
    quote Marcella Ross:

    The forum lock down was a very fitting mark of respect for a man who made this forum what it is and was without question the voice of wisdom and reason.
    But knowing JC as much as I did as a friend, I know he’d now be saying, ‘right, get on with it now’. So as a further mark of respect that’s exactly what we should all do. Keep this place a fun and informative place to be. After all if it wasn’t for here then I and many many others would never have had the pleasure of knowing Bikerjohn.

    You are quit correct. He would be back on track and moving on if it was a friend of his. As hard as it has been, we are all finding strength by moving on together as a team.

    Wednesday was a brilliant day which sounds strange to say for a funeral but John would have loved it all. Many friends and family present and the cavalcade of bikes would have brought a tear to his eye. To Peter, Lynn, Nic, Martin, Andy, Dewi and Karl and his wife, many thanks for coming. It was appreciated by all.
    Thanks to Rob for the most generous gesture by closing the boards as a mark of respect.

    Thaanks again to all.