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  • Hugh Potter

    May 13, 2010 at 1:10 pm

    I sat up in bed about 5:45 yesterday am and was just saying to the mrs how nice a touch it would be if we all had a day of respect, I was really chuffed to see the forum closed altogether.

    I was about 40 miles away all day yesterday but, right next door to a pub so at lunchtime i popped in for a quick half, which i duly raised to John. just as i was finishing i received a call from a fishing mate in devon, a good friend from swansea who we were due to meet up with in a few weeks, had had a fatal heart attack that morning. He was equally as prominent on the fishing forum as JC is here, tireless dedication to raising money and awareness for the rnli following the death of his son in a boating accident 5yrs ago. so, i duly ordered another half, for me this time as Steve had been tee total for a year following drinking probs after his sons death.

    it’s always those who seem to make a difference who are taken without warning. maybe that’s the reward?