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  • Nick Williams

    May 9, 2010 at 12:44 am

    personally a few years ago i received a call from someone claiming to be from my mobile phone company….they used the ‘for data verification’ ruse

    i gave them an incorrect statement

    they said they would get one of their advisers to call me when they were free to do so to clarify my wonderful deal

    an hour later i got a call

    the person said that the information i gave didn’t match ….no shit sherlock, i asked exactly who were they? they again said my mobile phone name….i asked if you are my mobile company then why didn’t you know i had given false details at the time i gave them?

    they then asked me to verify who i was again

    i told them to verify who they were first

    their answer? we cannot divulge private information….i told them again you know who your ringing now prove who you are

    they hung up

    caller number withheld

    personally i think that all companies should have a password that only you would know so they can verify who they were first, not foolproof by any means but a start in the right direction