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  • Shane Drew

    May 8, 2010 at 6:51 am

    That steams me too Peter.

    My dad, normally pretty savvy to this sort of thing, got an email from our bank asking him to update his details online.

    I wasn’t paying much attention until I realised he had clicked the link and was starting to enter data.

    I said STOP… what are you doing? He thought I was over reacting. As far as he was concerned it was legit because it had the bank logo in the header.

    I suggested he call the bank and ask if he could update his details over the phone instead. He thought I was being a nuisance, but rang them just to prove me wrong.

    The bank told dad they never ask for updates online, which he knows from years in the computer industry. He was genuinely surprised.

    It occurred to me, that at 73 he is more vulnerable now, so I have to be alert to that sort of stuff in future. No disrespect to my dad at all, but I have to treat him the same as my kids, when it comes to that sort of thing.