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  • Shane Drew

    May 4, 2010 at 9:19 pm

    I am totally numb. Couldn’t believe what I was reading when Peter Normington emailed me this morning.

    John and Jenny Childs treated David McTigue and I so well while I was over in the UK last year. They accommodated us in their house, they took us to meet others, they fed us and John gave me advice that you couldn’t buy.

    He was, in all aspects, a genuine and caring guy.

    He spoke well of Peter Mindham, and they had a great relationship. He also appreciated all his staff, more than, I suspect, they’ll ever know.

    To Jenny, their children, all the staff, and of course Peter M, please know that, whilst your heart is breaking, so are ours.

    The boards have lost a true mentor, but most of all, we have all lost a true and valued friend.

    Please take care.

    Love to all.