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  • Nigel Hindley

    October 22, 2009 at 4:53 pm
    quote Robert Lambie:

    quote Shane Drew:

    quote Lee Attewell:

    Jeez…Talk about a thread hijack 😮

    I’d keep my head down if I were you mate, you could be blamed for starting it.

    :lol1: :lol1: :lol1: :lol1:

    i completely agree with you mate, but is this not whats happening?
    lee posted a positive and praise for a company/product.
    warren exercises his rights to reply and give his view. granted, this is followed by more pro than con replies but this doesn’t mean its a gang-up on anyone because more disagree than agree?

    if someone posted “i love signlab” and it is followed by allot of tried and tested experienced replies on the software knocking it to hell, would this be a gang-up on the guy for daring to post a good comment on signlab or regarded as constructive criticism?

    anyway… i like to think of both warren and Brian as good friends and have met them both for a drink and meal… ide honestly be the first to bin the post if i thought it was getting out of hand.

    anyway, back on track eh… sorry lee :lol1: 😉


    Rob, Peter,

    ha ha jeez its my turn now!

    Being told to calm down and not to blow things out of proportion even in jest when someone just wants to know why he is being ignored from a company I thought was just unreasonable.

    It appeared to me that Warren was getting defensive because excuses were being made on behalf of Impact, the boss being on holiday isn’t an excuse for being ignored, it just isn’t? I cant believe that anyone thinks it it is and its certainly not constructive criticism.

    I don’t mean to upset anyone either I felt Warren deserved an answer not an excuse. I’m surprised the thread went the way it did thats all?

    For the record I have on more than one occasion highly recommended Impacts Disc on the boards without question I think they are brilliant and buy the latest disc every year without fail, I wasn’t going to say this but as Warren have had similar difficulties with asking for new outlines and general communication with Impact.