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  • Hugh Potter

    October 21, 2009 at 3:53 pm

    ah right, thanks John,

    i’ll have another look.

    what do you do about insurance? i’m often sending out orders well over the £50 standard insurance price, if it’s over 2kg i use interpacel with added insurance cover to £250 /500 (costs £2.50 or £5 respectively) and it costs about £16 for guaranteed next day, if under 2kg it goes special delivery for about £7.00-9.00,

    My best wholesale customer suggested fastway, he even suggested getting them to collect from me on his behalf, which is fine by me until i queried the insurance, a £3 price is great but, if £400 worth of product goes missing then he wouldn’t want to accept liability and as such, i wouldn’t be prepared to send it knowing that it wasn’t insured for it’s full value!