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  • Hugh Potter

    October 21, 2009 at 12:56 pm

    I normally use (or, they aren’t the cheapest but, I can pay with paypal and book all online so it’s nice and easy in that respect,

    If royal mail would compete with the couriers on a next day service i would use them exclusively, as it is, once you go over 2kg you’re into £20+ for next day special delivery, more for the before 9am or 1am services.

    Fastway look good, was on their website earlier, i believe you buy tickets / packing slips in advance and use them as you go, only reason i didn’t use them this am was because my packages were all going to north Wales, which didn’t appear to be covered on their area list!

    I probably use 150+ 1st class stamps a month and lots of other "large’ and airmail stamps too, the amount of post that goes missing is painful, mainly because it’s almost always when i’ve been too busy or lazy to go into town and get proof of post. prob cost me £50 this year easy.